Trauma Prevention Initiative

Partnered with trauma centers, county departments and community stakeholders to decrease trauma disparities and reduce trauma injuries and deaths throughout Los Angeles County. 

The Los Angeles County Trauma Prevention Initiative (TPI) serves to support intervention work with Hospital-based Intervention, Street Outreach and Community Violence Intervention. It provides Capacity Building through Peer-to-Peer Violence Prevention Learning and Training and Technical Assistance, and works in Prevention in communities through facilitated community engagement and strategic planning (CAP meeting) and implementing community identified prevention strategies.


Virtual Job Fair 

Febuary 11 ,2021 

6 PM - 7:30PM


WATCH: CNN calls MLKCH an “oasis-of-care in the healthcare desert of South LA.” This piece underscores how “the inequities in healthcare invite death” in our community. But in the darkness, we find light, as a once critically-ill COVID patient is reunited with the ICU team that saved her life. 


LISTEN: National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” reports on how our “separate and unequal health system” has made the pandemic a deadly but predictable disaster in our community—one that is taking more and more lives each day.


 READ:Gift shops, meditation rooms, field tents—these are the spaces where patients are being treated. The LA Times profiles how, in the face of a “crisis on top of a crisis,” our hospital managed “one hour at a time, one day at a time.”

Our community was already in crisis—COVID-19 has only increased the urgency. We have been focused on closing the healthcare gaps in South LA from the moment we began building our healthcare system. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We value your listening, sharing, and participating in these important conversations.


Dyan Sublett
President, MLK Community Health Foundation

Community Outreach 

Break The Silence 

Community Reflections 

Food Bank

Community Reflections – Provides a food bank every Friday at 10020 S Western Ave., from 12pm-3pm. Please practice social distancing and wear your masks when you arrive. Recipients will receive 2 to 3 boxes of food; if you are walking to the agency, please bring a cart for these boxes. 


Mental health needs and resources, please contact Kisha Thompson, LCSW, from the LA County Department of Mental Health at 


Westmont Counseling Center – provides counseling for mental health needs. Please call us; we are getting a lot more calls these days, which is good and not good because it tells us that there is no question that our community has been negatively impacted on mental health. Call us at 323-531-0565. We are located at Western/Manchester, next door to Ralphs  


Youth Resources:

I'm A Movement Not A Monument is hiring tutors for their Top 100! Tutoring program. Students will receive a stipend of $150 for their participation. This program will begin in January. This virtual tutoring program is open to students: 

• Pre-K to 12th, from 3pm to 5:30

 For more information log on to or 

contact Duran at 310.493.8607 or by email at 


Al Wooten, Jr., Youth Center –The tutoring program is free and meets Monday – Friday, form 2pm to 6pm. Al Wooten Jr, Youth Center: offering online private tutoring, 1-on-1 sessions for 45 mins per session, up to 3 sessions per week. The center is offering world languages and culture, Teen Talk, Girl Talk, all for free! This is offered for students in grades 3 to 12. For more information, go to  

Saving Lives Series Presents:

Healing Music For Peace 

Mathew Sutton - Unity 

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Trauma Prevention Initiative

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