Get Tested For Covid -19 ToDay!

Hi Everyone,

Sharing this resource from Charles Drew University (CDU). Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the City and County of Los Angeles, MLK-OPC and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, there will be free COVID-19 testing to Los Angeles County residents. The CDU COVID-19 testing site offers:

Same day appointments/assistance with making appointments
Drive-up testing
Testing sample from the mouth, not the nose
Aftercare instructions, including if the patient tests positive for COVID-19
A protective mask

Attached are flyers in English and Spanish. Below are outreach/ informational videos.

English outreach video-COPY LINK

Spanish outreach video- COPY LINK

Make an appointment using the link:

Thank you again everyone for your support and dedication to help decrease the potential devastating impact COVID-19 could have on our community.

Kindest Regards,

Charles Drew University